Below are a few organizations we have served.

Intown Community Church

Atlanta, GA I Jimmy Agan, Pastor

Intown Community Church is a family made up of people who share two things in common: our hearts long—even ache—for something bigger, deeper, richer than words can express; and we're finding that longing answered as we learn to say "yes" to Jesus. Beyond that, we're a really mixed group, representing a variety of nationalities and ethnic groups, a wide range of ages and life-stages, and a spectrum of spiritual backgrounds.


Winston-Salem, NC | Clyde Godwin, Pastor

We are a Christ-centered church for Winston-Salem. Our goal is to enjoy Jesus Christ in our lives, and spread that enjoyment to many in this city.


Atlanta, GA | Walter Henegar, Pastor

Atlanta Westside is a neighborhood church formed in 2007. Some of what we do is unique, but at our heart is simple, historic Christianity—the good news of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus, worked out in us through the glorious mess of living together in a particular place.


Peter Krol, President

DiscipleMakers' purpose is to live out Jesus' parting words, “Go and make disciples” (Matt. 28:19). We send our staff to college campuses not only because the campus needs to experience the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ, but also because college students are strategically positioned to make a big impact in the world and in the next generation for Christ.

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