Over the past several years, people have asked if they can access my seminars and teaching online. In light of that question, I have collected a good number of audio and video courses that are now available. Each comes with a PDF download and book recommendations. They range from 1-6 hours. I hope that you will find the resources helpful. The first three that are available are on the subjects of anger, anxiety and marriage. More will be released in the coming months. Those who receive Enews will be the first to know! I hope you find the resources helpful. Click the following link:

Current Workshops:

  • Anger: What it is and How to Change: 1 hour plus 27 Power Point Slides.

  • Anxiety: Through the Lens of Body and Soul: 1 hour plus 44 Power Point Slides. Also a bonus Q & A Session.

  • Marriage: An Overview of John Gottman’s Marriage Theory: 1 hour plus 22 Power Point Slides.

New Workshops Available March 12, 2019:

  • Emotional Intelligence and the Gospel: 5 hours of video plus 100 Power Point slides.

  • Addictions: 3 hours plus 30+ Power Point Slides.

  • Unstuck: A Nine Step Journey to Change that Lasts: a 2 hour overview of my new book with 30+ Power Point Slides