Over the past several years, people have asked if they can access my seminars and teaching online. In light of that question, I have collected a number of audio and video courses that are now available. Each comes with a PDF download and book recommendations. They range from 1-6 hours. I hope that you will find the resources helpful. Those who receive Enews will be the first to know! Click the following link:

Current Workshops:

  • FREE: 30 minute teaching on the Lord’s Prayer: Give Us, Today, Our Daily Bread.

  • Anger: What it is and How to Change: 1 hour plus 27 Power Point Slides.

  • Anxiety: Through the Lens of Body and Soul: 1 hour plus 44 Power Point Slides. Also a bonus Q & A Session.

  • Marriage: An Overview of John Gottman’s Sound Relationship House: 1 hour plus 22 Power Point Slides.

  • Emotional Intelligence and the Gospel: 5 hours of video plus 100 Power Point slides.

  • Addictions: 3 hours plus 30+ Power Point Slides.

  • Unstuck: A Nine Step Journey to Change that Lasts: a 2 hour overview of my new book with 30+ Power Point Slides.

  • Cultivating Pastoral Care in the Local Church: a 4 hour workshop on developing care for people in the local church with 60+ Power Point Slides.

  • Counseling Those Who Struggle with Anxiety: 2.5 hour workshop with main session, Q & A, Case Study and a 30+ Power Point Handout.

  • Cultivating Your Marriage: 5 hour workshop with 58 slide Power Point.

  • Critical Ingredients for Healthy Relationships: 4 hour workshop with 30 slide Power Point.

  • Unstuck: A Nine-Step Journey to Change That Lasts: 5 hour workshop with 70 slide Power Point.