Training Leaders

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As a pastor or leader, who do you talk with about your pastoral care concerns?

  • Do you find yourself and your church struggling to meet the needs of others?
  • Does the weight of needs outweigh your church’s capacity to offer adequate help?
  • Do you feel ineffective to equip others in your church?
  • Do you find yourself running from one pastoral fire to the next?

If so, I have been in your shoes and you are not alone! For the past 30 years, I have gained experience pastoring a church and counseling individuals and couples. I have written numerous resources that are designed to train leaders to equip people for ministry. I currently teach future and current leaders how they can implement wise care within their local church. Here are a few things that I can provide by way of ongoing consultation:

  • Spend time getting to know the church staff and leadership, listening to their stories and current efforts to provide care.
  • Assess the church’s current ability to care for the needs of individuals and families.
  • Cast vision for the church to be a ministering community not a community that hires ministers.
  • In tandem with the leaders, help structure an effective way to practically care for people.
  • Train leaders how to utilize practical resources and tools to equip the body of Christ to care for one another.

If you would like to set up an appointment for an initial free consultation, please fill out the form below or call 484-679-6525. 

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